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concrete floor gray polishing Polishing your concrete floors is only one way to truly transform your concrete floor into something that is actually more durable and long lasting than it already is. Concrete, in its cured form, can last for tens of thousands of years, withstanding weather and abuse yet still remaining a stable substrate. However, due to its composition and naturally abrasive surface, it has always needed to be covered up. The constant wear of foot traffic and moving objects across the floor concretes fine dust; and if you spill anything on bare concrete, it will likely get stained and seep in. The dull gray appearance has always been boring to look at, but over the years many different techniques have been tried in order to overcome these shortcomings. Painting, tiling and rubberizing over concrete used to be the norm, but they all require some form of maintenance and inevitable replacement. Why do they call these coverings “permanent flooring solutions” if you are going to have to continually replace the floor covering? Is it just so you don't have to look at the concrete underneath?

New technologies and developments in chemicals and machinery have finally overcome the problems associated with concrete floors. Believe it or not, the answer is not to cover the floor. The answer is in Polishing Concrete Floors, and they didn’t have these specialized machines 20 years ago.

polished concrete floor Polishing Concrete Floors eliminates the brittle layer of the top surface, thereby reducing the dust that is created from daily wear. Concrete polishing can actually harden the surface of the concrete by adding special chemicals during the floor polishing process. These chemical hardeners make the surface of the concrete so dense that most liquids CAN NOT penetrate the surface layer of your concrete floor; and therefore spills will not easily stain a professionally polished concrete floor. And the dull gray look, well that's also a thing of the past. Concrete polishing also makes the surface reflective due to its smooth appearance, but it is not slippery. Even if you choose to leave the concrete its natural gray color, the new shine and beauty of the floors natural aggregate is brought to life with concrete floor polishing.

To make things even better, there are a wide range of colors available for your newly polished concrete floor. So many colors are available that your floor can be made to match any room in your home or office. The polishing process can give the floor the luster of marble, and can even be fine polished down to a mirror like finish; and with the colors available, a concrete floor can sometimes be mistaken for marble or terrazzo floors. It will also outperform a marble floor as far as wear and damage, far exceeding that soft stones capability.

By polishing your concrete floors you will be helping the environment too! Think of all the old flooring, mostly plastics and nylons that are being tossed out every day into landfills and garbage dumps. With a polished concrete floor you'll never have to tear up the old flooring again. It’s not just about the environmental savings, but also the monetary savings over the years. Replacing floors can easily cost thousands of dollars, but now it is possible to have a floor finish that will very likely outlast the building. Polishing concrete floors is so environmentally friendly that LEED credits are given by the government for using polished concrete. It not only saves money and reduces garbage, but also saves energy. Concrete, once polished, becomes a highly reflective surface, meaning you'll need less light in a given area, since much of the light is reflected back up, instead of being absorbed by that dull rough concrete surface that was previously there.

You can choose concrete polishing to help the environment, or you can choose it because it is the most affordable modern eco friendly flooring choice; but whatever your reasons you'll be glad you did. Polishing concrete floors is the fastest way to enjoying a beautiful maintenance free flooring solution.

Polishing Concrete Floors - for all the right reasons

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